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Wireless Mic Batteries

Ansmann Rechargeable Wireless Mic Batteries are unsurpassed in their dependability and high recycle performance. Clients such as Cirque du Soleil use our wireless mic batteries in their touring and resident shows, as well as Blue Man Group, Mickey Gille Theater, and over 25,000 schools, churches, theaters and production facilities.

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Wireless Microphone Brands

Rechargeable Wireless Mic Batteries by Ansmann are used in all brands and models of wireless microphones. Below is a partial list of wireless microphone batteries that are compatible with Ansmann rechargeable wireless mic batteries.

Whether the wireless is powered by AAA batteries, AA batteries, or 9V batteries, Ansmann rechargeable wireless mic batteries are best-suited for the many brands of wireless mics.

Ansr Audio wireless microphones
AKG wireless microphone
Audio-Technica wireless microphones
Audix wireless microphoneBehringer wireless microphones
Brace Audio wireless microphone
Beyer Dynamic wireless microphones
Countryman wireless microphones
Crown wireless microphone
DPA wireless microphones
Electro-Voice wireless microphone
Fender Audio wireless microphones
Lectrosonic wireless microphone
Line 6 wireless microphones
Matrix Pro wireless microphone
Nady wireless microphones
Samson wireless microphone
Sennheiser wireless microphones
Shure wireless microphone
Sony wireless microphones
Supreme Pro Audio (SPA) wireless microphone
Telex wireless microphones
VocoPro wireless microphone

If you don't see your wireless microphone brand listed here, please call us direct at 855-267-6266 or email us at for clarification.

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