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Ultrafast Battery Chargers

Ansmann Digispeed 4 Ultra Plus

Ansmann Digspeed 4 Ultra Plus 5707153

Super Speed Charger for 1-4 AA or AAA cells with adjustable charging current (High speed or fast)                                              

  • Charging current 4400 mA or 2200 mA for AA  
  • Charging current 1100 mA or 550 mA for AAA. 
  • Faulty Cell detection
  • Trickle Charge
  • Fan-cooled and additional temperature control function
  • External power supply, world wide use 100-240V
  • Includes 4 AA 2850 mah rechargeable batteries
  • Three year warranty

Ansmann Energy 4 Speed Charger - Part No.: 5707144

Fast, Portable Charger for 1-4 AA or AAA cells with adjustable charging current (Standard or Fast)                 

 Microprocessor controlled Speed-Charger

  • For 1-4  AA or  AAA
  • Adjustable charging current by a switch “Fast charge / Standard  charge” (2100mA/850mA for AA cells and 850mA/350mA for AAA cells
  • Multiple over charging protection by –deltaV detection, 
    temperature control and safety timer
  • Individual monitoring of each battery. Do not need to charge batteries in pairs.
  • Trickle charging; faulty cell and Alkaline detection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Cooling of the batteries by a fan
  • Battery status is displayed by LED per charging slot
  • External power supply with wide range input 100-240V AC and 
    12V car adapter.
  • Worldwide adaptors included, US EU UK and AU
  • 3 year warranty
  • Batteries Not Included
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