Ansmann is a 25 year old, German-based mobile energy company. From a “garage company'” to a world market leader, Ansmann looks back on an impressive company development. Ansmann USA is the North America subsidiary of Ansmann AG

Numerous awards for products and corporate culture are evidence of the positive impact of the company's philosophy on the actions and work of the employees.

From entry level to premium

As a full-line manufacturer you can get all of your mobile energy products from a single source. Our portfolio covers both premium products and products at entry-level prices. This allows our customers to find the right products for their market.

German quality standard

Quality plays a very important role when it comes to customer satisfaction and the success of a company. A satisfied customer is willing to buy the product again or to recommend it to family and friends. Furthermore he is less likely to buy on price and more likely to buy based on quality and/or level of service.
Developed by highly qualified staff at its headquarters in Germany ANSMANN products meet the highest quality standards. Both during production and upon arrival in Germany the goods are rigorously quality checked. The average complaint rate is significantly below 1%. Your customers will thank you for it!

Price stability = high margin

As number 1 in the field of battery and charging technology ANSMANN offers a fair pricing system. In this way shops have a high margin and satisfied customers.

Ability to supply

Modern logistics centres in Europe, USA and Asia provide a global, flexible and above all fast delivery of goods. Proof of this is our impressive delivery performance of over 99%.


High-quality product packaging that is appealing and above all selling help to drive sales.

Support at the POS

ANSMANN offers you the necessary sales tools in order to increase turnover with our assortment: attractive offers and promotions, advertising material and displays, sales wall planning, product trainings and much more.

For ANSMANN, high quality and innovative products are an important part of our business culture along with the employee technical expertise that designs them.

Many of our prestigious awards demonstrate this inbuilt desire to strive to be the best. One such award is the “Grand prize in the medium-size company class” from the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation. This sought after award is the highest honour for a medium-class company since its introduction in 1995. The “Innovation Award of the Main-Tauber-Kreis” is another example.

The Innovation award of the Main-Tauber-Kreis honours the innovative accomplishment of ANSMANN AG when developing the Battery Management System XC3000. This multi-functional battery charging and testing unit is currently unique on the world market

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