Energy 16 Plus

Ansmann Energy 16 Plus

Part #1001-0004-US

Charging and maintenance device for 1-12 AAA or AA, 1-6 C or D and 1-2 9V rechargeable batteries, automatic refreshing function, plus 2 USB charging sockets

  • Suitable for NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteries

  • Capacity quick test of the inserted cells for approx. 10 seconds

  • LED green: capacity over 80% of the nominal capacity

  • LED orange: capacity between 25-80% of the nominal capacity

  • LED red: capacity under 25% of the nominal capacity

  • Auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells with automatic start of a pre-charging and/or refreshing process, if required

The Energy 16 plus also boast two 5V, 1 Amp USB charging ports compatible with, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other 5V USB electronics.

The Energy 16 plus contains added circuitry for maximizing the rejuvenation of your cells, including a pre-charge cycle, which brings badly worn batteries up to a suitable voltage before recharging. And, of course, the proprietary Ansmann refresh cycle is still resident in this new version with a few tweaks to fine-tune the chemistry of your batteries.

The most advanced charger available on the planet.