Hard Wired In-Ear Monitors

About Fischer Amps

Based on more than 10 years of experience in pro audio, Fischer Amps are the niche suppliers for solutions for sound engineers and artists. From year one, Fischer Amps have been striving to simplify the work for artists and their sound engineers, to enable them to focus on their show and joy for music during live performances. In collaboration with renowned sound engineers and artists Fischer Amps are constantly developing new products which satisfy the requirements on stage and which show their reliability on stage. Convenient handling, top workmanship and sturdiness are distinctive features of all Fischer Amps products, which is achieved also by design and manufacturing in Germany.

Introducing "The Stick"

The smallest, portable headphone amplifier.

This lightweight, professional headphone amplifier is designed for use on stage with a balanced mono or unbalanced stereo signal. the simple, but high-end design provides maximum audio performance with 2 ohms output impedance, minimum distortion, and an absolutely flat frequency response. input signal via a neutrik Combo XLr-1/4" jack-connector.

  • Built with maximum “touring-quality” standards. It includes an aluminum housing and a rugged stainless steel belt holder.

  • Input signal via NEUTRIK Combo XLR-1/4‘ Jack-Connector.

  • Electronic limiter design in the input section to save your ears

Fischer Amps In-Ear Body Pack - 960-00176

Hard-wired headphone amp body pack for those musicians whose instrument restrict their freedom of movement (keyboards, drums, percussions, background vocals). Our original.


  • Two direct symmetric XLR inputs (no special cable required)

  • Much better sound than wireless in ear systems

  • Switch-over from stereo to mono-mix mode

  • 2 x 40mW power with limiter

  • Control for volume and pan/mix

  • Sturdy aluminium case, holder of stainless steel

  • Mains connector (lockable) for plugging in an external DC mains adapter (optional extra)

  • Power supply with 9V block battery.

  • Hours of operation with alkaline battery approx. 12h, with rechargeable battery approx. 8h.


  • Dimensions L x W x H (in mm):127 x 82 x 30

  • Weight:290 gInput connectors:2 x Neutrik XLR jack 3-pole, with interlock

  • Earphone connector:1/8" mini connector

  • Frequency response:30 Hz - 20 KHz +/- 2 dB

  • Minimum impedance of earphones:12 ohms per side

  • Input impedance:15kohms

  • Nom. input level:0dB - +4dB (limiter at +5dB)

  • Nom. input level symetric:0 dBV

  • Max. input level symmetric:+4 dBV

  • Limit input level symmetric:+5 dBVMax output power at 20 ohms:40 mW per channel

  • Max. operating current:40 mA

  • Power supply:9V block alkaline battery or 8.4V rechargeable battery NiMH

  • DC-input plug:ext. input power DC 9V (pin +, ring -)

  • Operating time of battery:approx. 8h with 270mAh rechargeable battery, approx. 12h with alkaline battery (depends on headphones volume)

Fischer Amps In-Ear Body Pack XL - 960-00177

The Body Pack XL has the same functional principle as the Fischer Amps® Hardwired In Ear Body Pack (above) plus an additional Mic-In to add-on a microphone signal to the stereo or mono mix received. The integrated low-noise microphone preamp has standard features such as 48V phantom power, PAD switch to reduce the input signal by 20 dB and a gain control from + 12 dB to + 60 dB.

An additional feature for the microphone input is the parallel out which allows to loop the microphone signal.

The Body Pack XL is powered with a 9V battery or an additional mains adaptor (not included).

This Body Pack is a compact in ear solution not only for orchestra musicians who want to mix their own microphone signal to the incoming in ear signal, but it is also an excellent tool for engineers to monitor microphone signals.

  • Dimensions L x W x H (in mm): 125 x 136 x 32:

  • Weight:approx. 430 g without battery

  • Input Jacks: 3 Neutrik XLR 3-pole, with interlock

  • Output Jack: 3.5mm / 1/8" mini jack stereo, 1 XLR Mic Link-Out

  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 20 KHz +/- 2dB

  • Min. Impedance of Headphones: 12 ohms per side

  • Input Impedance: 15kohms channel 1 and 2; 2 kOhms microphone input (with PAD switch = 15 kOhms)

  • Nom. Input Level symmetric: 0 dBV (channel 1 and 2)

  • Max. Input Level symmetric: 40 mW per channel

  • Limiting of the Input Signal: 65 mA (with add-on phantom power 120-140 mA)

  • Max. Operating Current: +4dBV (channel 1 and 2)

  • Limiting of the Input Signal: from +5 dBV (channel 1 and 2)

  • Input Level Mic Input: +60 dB to +6 dB

  • Max Output Power into 20 ohms: 40 mW per channel

  • Max. Operating Current: +4dBV (channel 1 and 2)

  • Power supply: 9V block alkaline battery or 8.4V rechargeable battery NiMH with min. 210 mAh

  • DC Input: Ext. input power DC 9V (pin +, ring -)

  • Operating Time of Battery: Alkaline battery approx. 7.5 hours, NiMH rechargeable battery (270 mAh) approx. 4 hours (depending on headphones volume)

Download Manual: BodyPackXL-E.pdf