If you're still recommending primary alkaline and lithium batteries for wireless mics, in-ear monitors and other Pro-AV applications, your clients are spending too much and needlessly throwing away too many batteries.

Whether your client has two mics or twenty, Ansmann and Fischer Amps have a powerful, economical solution that saves hundreds to thousands -- year after year.

Guidelines For Pro-Grade Rechargeable Systems

"I have been using Ansmann batteries for Wireless Microphone and In-Ear systems for all the Cirque du Soleil shows I have worked on. I have been a project manager for the last 4 touring shows of Cirque du Soleil and I have always been very happy with the Ansmann batteries.

They are working very well for us and are very reliable. We are doing 10 shows a week. With two shows a day, on some days, we use two complete set of batteries to be able to do rotation. So while one set is being used the other one is charging. We are well aware that we could probably do two shows with the same batteries but we would rather play it safe and rotate.

Once we get new batteries we put them to the test to see how long we can use them for and we are always surprised to see how efficient the Ansmann batteries are. During our test, we were able to use batteries in an in-ear monitor belt pack for over 10 hours. This is great for rechargeable batteries. Cirque du Soleil is doing every thing it can to help the environment and by using rechargeable batteries we were able to make a big difference. Before, we were using a ton of batteries a day; now the same amount of batteries can be use for the whole year."

Thank you very much Ansmann.

Jean-Michel Caron
Sound Project Manager/Assistant Designer
Cirque 2010 -Cirque du Soleil